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Horse Chestnut Tree

Following a discussion with Greatwell Homes, Earls Barton Parish Council are disappointed to learn that there is no other choice but to remove the horse chestnut tree in the grounds of the Manor House Flats as part of the works to carry out repairs to the wall

Published: February 17, 2023

brown and green leaves on brown soil

Earls Barton Parish Council have worked in partnership with Greatwell Homes to try and find a solution. However, Built Heritage advised that they would not be able to support the proposal that was put forward to build a retaining wall in front of the current structure, in order to protect the listed part of the wall. They have stated that, as the wall is listed, any proposal that would conceal it from view would “fail to preserve the character and appearance of the conservation area.”

Greatwell Homes have also consulted additional specialists, including arboriculturists, who have advised that the horse chestnut is showing possible early signs of disease and that the remaining lifespan of the tree is approximately 20 years. In addition, the work that now have to be carried out to repair the wall will damage the roots of the tree and reduce that lifespan considerably. Therefore, taking all things into account, the horse chestnut tree will need to be removed.

Earls Barton Parish Council is satisfied that Greatwell Homes have explored all avenues available to them to avoid this action and accept that they have a statutory duty to repair the listed wall, an obligation that cannot be upheld without the removal of the horse chestnut tree.

Earls Barton Parish Council is committed to protecting and planting trees in Earls Barton, and will make representation to the Local Planning Authority that any planning permission granted to remove the horse chestnut tree mush include a scheme for replanting which in the planting of a substantial, heavy-standard tree to replace the horse chestnut. EBPC has also begun tree planting schemes in other areas of Earls Barton, including at the bottom of Station Road and in the pocket park, and has plans to plant more trees around the village.

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