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Role of the Council

The parish is the most ancient form of local government in Europe, and in England has been used for some civil purposes since the eighth century. Parish Councils were established in 1894 and their role and powers substantially revised in 1974. There are in excess of 8,650 parish and community counci

The role of the council is to act as an organ of local opinion. Other authorities may, and in the case of planning must, consult the parish who are the layer of government closest to the electors and represent their local interests. The most immediate concerns of the council are to provide a safe and pleasant local environment and promote community identity. To this end the council:

  • Maintain and improve the village environment and develop forward plans for improvements in consultation with residents through surveys and parish action plans.
  • Support the youth club and sponsor professional leadership.
  • Provide play areas for children and meeting/leisure facilities for village youth.
  • Liaise with and support the Sports Association to provide sports facilities for the village.
  • Support local community groups giving support and assistance to the elderly and other groups, including social and educational activities.
  • Work with the police and other bodies through the Community Safety Partnership to safeguard the village from crime and disorder.
  • Provide allotments, pocket parks and open spaces for recreational enjoyment in the open air.
  • The Council has 13 Members, elected together for a four year term.


The latest information available from the Neighbourhood Statistics Database indicate that the resident population of Earls Barton in mid 1998 was 5,100 people, 8% of the population of the Wellingborough Borough area. At this time 18% were aged under 16, 63% between 16 and 59, and 18% over 60. This compared with 21, 59, and 20% respectively for Wellingborough as a whole. There were 1500 employee jobs in the village, 4% of the Wellingborough total.

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