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Annual Meetings 2004-2008

2006 APM

2006 Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held at St Johns Ambulance HQ 10 April 2006 Present: Cllrs P Verden (Chair), Mrs Abbott, G Blackwell, Mrs Bond, Mrs Hadman, Mrs Mallard, Ms Payne, M Perkins, C Selling, P Wright. Apologies were received from Cllrs M Cahill, R Page and M Streeton.

Minutes fo the Meeting held Monday 11 April 2005

These were adopted as a correct record

Parish Council Report

Cllr Verden reported that there was almost no increase to the Parish Council’s Council Tax portion again this year.  The social housing project was completed last year, and the name of Blackwell Close is a fitting tribute to Cllr George Blackwell for his many years service to the people of Earls Barton.  The play area in the Rec has been made safer for children with the erection of new railing making it totally enclosed.  Cllr Verden thanked the Councillors who made the Pioneer Sports Field a safer place, through their work last summer.  This year, the works on the Memorial Gardens will continue with the laying of new paving.  The Sports & Leisure Development Committee continue to work hard to secure sporting facilities for our future generations, for which we thank them.  Cllr Verden completed his report by thanking his fellow Councillors for all their work and support during the last 12 months.

Borough Council Report

Cllrs Blackwell and Payne reported that work has started on the construction of the new Wellingborough Swimming Pool.  A Joint Planning Committe has been set up for North Northamptonshire.  If has been voted to transfer the WBC housing stock to a housing association, and balloting the tenants will be the next step.  WBC also continues to support EBPC in their endeavour to secure permanent sporting facilities for Earls Barton.

County Council Report

A concessionary fare has been introduced to the bus service throughout Northants.  Those over 60 and the disabled can now travel anywhere in Northants for £1 single fare.  The is also free travel withing the Borough of Wellingborough for over 60’s and the disabled (in conjunction with WBC) and an increased bus service.  Cllr Blackwell thanked EBPC for their support against the closure of youth services and services for the disabled, and also for the support in getting The Little Green Car Park and the footpath from The Square down to Broad Street resurfaced.  The sand and gravel extraction for Earls Barton West has been agreed by cabinet, although planning permission is still to be sought.  Cllr Blackwell also paid tribute to Earls Barton Infant and Junior schools, the social care and health services, and the Fire and Rescue services, particularly those based in Earls Barton.

Questions and Comments

None were forthcoming.

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